Eco City Sustainability

Classic City Extraction is proud to officially announce the expansion of our recycling/donation operations through Eco City Sustainability. Founded upon many of the same principals as eco-cities, Eco City Sustainability provides surplus management solutions to Classic City Extraction through access to the largest re-use & recycling network in America.

  • Waste Diversion Rate Monitoring
  • Eco Certificate
  • Donation Reporting
  • Impact Statement

Through the help of Eco City, Classic City Extraction has delivered more than 5,000 tons of surplus to U.S. charities for disaster relief and economic development projects. Together, Classic City & Eco City have facilitated over $10 million in donations, on behalf of our clients, to charities nationwide.

Eco City’s diversion rates are nearing an all time high. With an average of 1 million pounds of materials recycled per year, Eco City is striving for zero waste operations by 2020.

Materials We Recycle

Eco City provides recycling options for hundreds of materials nationwide. From the hard to recycle to the common place, Eco City will explore available options and provide instant savings in conjunction with Classic City Extraction services.

The result – less waste in landfills and clients are left with a cost effective alternative to traditional disposal methods.

Products We Place

Furniture: residential, commercial, school, office, medical
Fixtures: lighting, drapery, blinds, ceiling fans
Equipment: medical, agricultural, industrial, textile, gym
Appliances: refrigerators, microwaves, dish washers, ovens, stoves, water heaters
Electronics: TV’s, computers, monitors, A/V
Artwork: sculptures, 3-D, paintings, framed prints, glass installations
Restaurant Supplies: cookware, utensils, glassware, plateware
Flooring: carpet, hardwood, laminent, tile

Classic City Extraction is well versed at meeting client needs, overcoming logistical challenges and beating project deadlines. With Eco City by our side, clients can now expect decreased disposal costs, decreased waste and peace of mind throughout the entire process.

To find out if Eco City can handle your surplus or materials in a friendly, efficient manner, inquire at: