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Furnishing A Future

By Lynn Peisner
Originally posted July 8, 2013 in Student Housing Business

The expression “part of the furniture” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s being used to describe student housing. Tables, chairs, beds and sofas couldn’t be more front-and-center in a Millennial’s decision to lease or not lease a furnished apartment. As the design and architecture of student communities becomes more urban or resort-inspired, furnishings are following suit. In many cases, the look of the unit does more than seal a deal on a lease, it’s a way for a company to set itself apart from its competitors.

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Finishing Touch: Interior Design in Student Housing Evolves

By Linsey Isaacs
Originally posted June 13, 2013 in Multi Family Executive

Gone are the days of bulky, wooden block furniture adorning the average student housing apartment.

Form has become just as important as function in the increasingly competitive sector.

“Over the last 15 years [we’ve gone] to stylish functional furniture that looks like a soft, contemporary home,” says Paul Dougan, president and CEO of Dallas-based University Furnishings.

With more student housing developments coming on line, the student furniture business is booming as well, offering owners a chance to differentiate.

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Student Housing Owner Helps Develop Turn App

Originally posted May 7, 2013 in Student Housing Business

Software development firm Mobile Property Management, LLC (MPM) has debuted a software package targeted at the rental housing turnover process. Turnover Manager, which has been beta tested on more than 1,000 properties, streamlines the make-ready process through its cloud-based software suite and mobile application enabled tablet combination.

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20 Ideas for Ensuring a Smooth Student Housing Turn

By Pete Zimek
Originally posted June 10, 2012 in Higher NOI

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Form And Function

By Savannah Duncan
Originally posted October 3, 2011 in Student Housing Business

Student housing furniture design has gone from boxy and strictly functional to contemporary and, more often than not, luxurious. Today’s students want modern, environmentally friendly furniture that makes their apartment or dorm feel like their parents’ house. Furniture today is lighter, customizable and practical, yet stylish. Manufacturers have moved toward building with sustainable materials and responding to today’s styles with finishes like leather, metal, wood and sustainable fabrics.

Off-campus owners and operators have been faster to adopt contemporary styles, but on-campus housing is not far behind. As room sizes continue to change, manufacturers are finding new ways to create additional space and maintain durability at the same time.

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Furniture Tips

By Randall Shearin
Originally posted May 19, 2011 in Student Housing Business

Furniture suppliers are seeing more interest in their goods in the past year because of the increase in funds available to acquire and develop student housing, say Paul Dougan and Danny Beck with Dallas-based University Furnishings. Increased interest is coming from owners and developers who are acquiring projects and looking to refresh the interiors with new furniture offerings.

University Furnishings is often called in when a buyer is kicking the tires on an acquisition. The buyer requests an audit of the furniture to know whether or not they are going to have to budget to replace the furnishings. Dougan says there has been an up tick in the requests for furniture audits over the last few months since the investment sales market has picked up.

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Maximize Efficiencies for Student Housing Turns

By Erika Schnitzer
Originally posted May 11, 2010 in Multi Housing News

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